Port Phillip Council agrees to parking changes

FBBF Committee and members were delighted with the outcome at the Council meeting last night. Council voted 7 to 2 to adopted changes to on-street parking in the Sandridge Precinct. This included retention of an amount of unrestricted parking in area 2, moving the boundary between areas 1 and 2 further east to Boundary Street, making paid parking in area 1 $1.90 per hour so as to discourage city and Dockland commuters parking all day in area 1 and agreeing to placing 80 4hr unpaid parking places in area 1. The Committee would like to recognise the work of all three Gateway Ward Councillors, Mayor Bernadene Voss, Cr Simic and Cr Pearl who guided the changes through.

Photo Workers from businesses in Sandridge make their point at the April Council meeting