Fishermans Bend Business Helps Burns Victims in Greece

Fishermans Bend is generating its representation as an innovation hub. Local business PolyNovo has commercialised a CSIRO invention that is used in surgery on burns victims. The product is a foam-like material can be stapled onto the affected area. The dermis layer of the skin which includes blood vessels, elastin and fat, then grows into the product. PolyNovo chief executive Paul Brennan said that, In the past, surgeons would have had to use cow’s tendons, pig skin or skin from human cadavers, which were prone to breeding infection, with [the synthetic skin] is very minimal scarring and very soft and flexible skin

On hearing of the tragic bush-fires in Athens, Adelaide burns surgeon Dr John Greenwood agreed to fly to Greece with PolyNovo artificial skin in his hand luggage.

Image: Nicole Briguglio with some synthetic skin made at PolyNovo's Port Melbourne plant.Photo: Chris Hopkins